First Initiative - Contest for Flag , Anthem and More!

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Image Hello Everyone! I am Glaciosia, the newly elected Chancellor of the People's Assembly, and I would like to introduce my first initiative! The Kingdom of Ravana will be holding a contest to decide our flag, our anthem and more! There will be prizes for the winners as well.

Create a design representative of the region and suitable to serve as our regional flag.

Possible Imagery:
-Colors of navy blue and purple
-Basically Whatever

Write/Compose a written piece suitable to be used as an anthem (bonus points if works with a piece of music, bonus bonus points if you are awesome enough to write some music)

Possibly Include

Other Stuff
Write / Draw / Compose / Animate / Whatever something symbolic of or depicting the region! (multiple may be selected)/
Possible Ideas:
Regional Personification
Drawings of Buildings
Seriously Whatever

How to Participate
Create your work , then submit it via telegram email ( discord or either the NS or regional forums
The contest will be concluded on the 25th of June unless not enough entries are submitted, in which case the individual contests may be extended by a maximum of two weeks.

The winners shall receive a special role in the regional discord server, a fancy letter sent to them (If they wish, and they live in the continental U.S) and a regional officership in the region with power over polls (though not necessarily immediately after the conclusion of the contest.) These rewards may be retracted if abused.

All entries must be your own work
by submitting you grant the region of ravana , and the government thereof the right to use your design, credited in this contest and the various histories of the region , as well as wherever easily possible.
The winners will be selected by a jury drawn from citizens, government officials and notable creators in the respective fields , as selected by glaciosia/
Have Fun!
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