State of The Region

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State of The Region

July 8th, 2018
On sparking regional activity

Nobles, Senators, Citizens, our region has come far from our birth just over two months ago. Under the leadership of Chancellor Glaciosia we have had two full Senates serve under the monarchy and watched as our citizenship grew to 20 and our regional population to 70. I have been proud to watch Ravana engage in diplomacy with TGO, TEP, USSD, the LCN, UDS, Enadia, and others as we seek to establish ourselves in the world. Ambitious citizens begun a regional role play and have filled our RMB and discord with thoughtful discussion. To solidify this growth and set the foundation for future progress we now must handle the burden of legislating guilds to propel our region forward.

However if we are to thrive as a region we must take time to reflect upon our downfalls as well. In recent weeks we have experienced a decline in activity. A decline that, if left unchecked, will damage what has been built so far. It is my belief that this lull in activity is a result of a lack of cultural activities for our citizens to participate in, and confusion over the role of our regional Senate. To solve this goals, I have prepared a checklist of aims for any willing citizens to strive for in an attempt to further our region. Participation is simple, just pick something from the list and let me know, I'll help however I can and answer any questions you might have. Everything on the list below contributes to our region, and any help is appreciated!

1. Draft a Guild Charter
Guilds are semi-autonomous organizations that function like traditional government ministries. A guild culture would plan regional role plays, games, and activities while a guild of military would function as a militia to engage in Raids or Defend against them. All guilds require a charter, outlining their organizational structure (should be simple) and their purpose.
2. Talk with Senators about drafting a code of conduct
As we continue to grow, it's important to have a codified set of rules and a means of enforcing them. A code of conduct will outlining what standards we hold our citizens to and how the government may handle rule violators.
3. Get involved in a political party
Party Politics is fun! Talk with our citizens and senators about forming political parties to collectively increase your say in our regional government!
4. Join our regional RP
Message The Hungarian Realm for details
5. Submit ideas for a regional poll
6. Engage with new members on nationstates
Sending telegrams and welcoming new members on our regional message board is a great way to welcome new citizens!
7. Finally, always feel free to bring up new topics and discussion on our discord

I'm certain that Ravana's brightest days lay a head of us, if only we can climb the hills that stand in our path.

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