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What is your main nation: Virate
Do you have any puppets, if so list them: Brastilistan. Isengaurd. Lebikstein. Khovost. Deuchenland. Cyrbia
What is your history on NS: “Long” and dull. Emperor of the great lands of The Galactic Order
Do you have citizenship in any other region: TGO. Enadia. TRI. KoGB.
What inspired you to come to Ravana: We share forum embassies
Will you abide by the Divine Analects: Yes
Will you stand by your fellow citizens in times of strife: Sure
Smith VerinGuard

The Oath of Alligence

I, noble Brastilistan of Ravana take this vow to uphold my honor and integrity under this Oath of Allegiance. I shall seek to bring prestige to my Kingdom, my Bloodline, and my self as I strive to further our Kingdom to glory. I recognize the authority of the Pontifex Maximus, and honor the Royal bloodlines of our Kingdom. I understand that our Kingdom works best, when all of our citizens do their part to propel us forward. It is with great pride, that I [nation], pledge my allegiance to the Kingdom, the Pontifex Maximus, and the Royal Family.

I, Brastilistan, promise to serve Ravana to the best of my capabilities.'
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Pontifex Maximus of Ravana
King Ezaro Revera