Application of Citienshipship, Lanion

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What is your main nation: The Holy Empire of Lanion Mon
Do you have any puppets, if so list them: West Borion
What is your history on NS: Began in Exodus where i held many positions passing many bills and reforms and even the imperatorship for a brief time before regional collapse via coup.
Do you have citizenship in any other region: Exodus
What inspired you to come to Ravana: Other members of Exodus moving here
Will you abide by the Divine Analects: Yes
Will you stand by your fellow citizens in times of strife: Yes

The Oath of Alligence

I, noble Lanion Mon of Ravana take this vow to uphold my honor and integrity under this Oath of Allegiance. I shall seek to bring prestige to my Kingdom, my Bloodline, and my self as I strive to further our Kingdom to glory. I recognize the authority of the Pontifex Maximus, and honor the Royal bloodlines of our Kingdom. I understand that our Kingdom works best, when all of our citizens do their part to propel us forward. It is with great pride, that I Lanion Mon, pledge my allegiance to the Kingdom, the Pontifex Maximus, and the Royal Family.

I, Lanion Mon, promise to serve Ravana to the best of my capabilities.'
The Honourable Lanion, Kings Hand, Royal Agent of the Sovereign, Master of the Conclave Lord of Guilds, First Hand of the 1st Era.
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